Advertise in the AFCA 2018 champions edition & Membership directory

AFCA 2018 Champions Edition & Membership Directory

The upcoming 2018 AFCA Member DIRECTORY & Champions Edition is used by football programs throughout the entire year.

Advertiser Benefits: Advertisers receive 365 days of continuous exposure in a perfect-bound publication with huge readership and ad placement within highly-valuable, must-read editorial content.

PRINT ADVERTISING: 2018 AFCA Member DIRECTORY & Champions Edition

  • Sent To ALL AFCA Members.
  • Mails the First Week of September, Used All Year-Round!
  • Display Advertising Is Placed Within Valuable AFCA Editorial -- Guaranteeing High Readership!

BONUS PROMOTION: (FREE!) Advertisers in this annual publication also receive the following value-added Bonus Promotion...

  • Enhanced Advertiser Index Listing -- Contains Full-Color Company Logo, Company Contact Information, Ad-Page Number and Website URL!
  • Three FREE "Directory Driver" Ads -- Spaced evenly in the Membership Directory section of this special-edition issue, these three full-color, Directory Driver ads -- display your Company Logo, Website URL and Ad-Page Number -- providing valuable repeated impressions that DRIVE readers to learn more about your business and products.

Your Display Advertising, Enhanced Ad Index Listing and Three FREE Directory Driver Ads -- Combine for 5 Total Appearances For Your Company in a Publication That's Used by AFCA Members ALL-YEAR LONG! 


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